to cool external surfaces


Sơn làm mát bức xạ
Sơn làm mát bức xạ


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Reducing external surface 10 - 40 Celsius

approaching ambient temperature of the shade. Reducing indoor feeling temperature and saving more than 30% of electricity

ZERO energy

absolute cooling to the ambient temperature

The ONLY paint on the market
SkyActive technology with nano particle and 03 cooling mechanisms
  • Up to 95% infrared reflection over the whole solar spectrum.

  • Up to 98% emissivity in the 8-14 µm, the transparent window of the atmosphere.

  • Customize tailored to the enduser's need: thermal conduction or thermal insulation

Cool more than any reflective paint in the market: 5 - 10 C

Certifications and Standards

  • Patent filed # 1-2022-00864 at IP Vietnam
  • Pass JYS K 5675:2011/ASTM C1483 / C1483M by VIBM
  • Emissivity: 98.4

  • Reflectivity: 94.7

  • Solar Reflectance Index SRI: 122 (maximum by theory: 125). See also CoolRoofs for a comparison.

  • SkyActive cooling technology with nanoparticles that realizes 03 cooling mechanisms: reducing 10 to 40 C, absolutely to the ambient.

  • Paint thickness: 100 - 120µm

  • Adhere well to multiple surface without a primer: metal (ton, steel), concrete, wall, stone, wood, glass, plastic.

  • Durable under harsh weather condition (QUV > 1000 h)

  • Long lifetime, up to 10 years.

  • Rainproof, waterproof with self-cleaning (lotus effect). .

  • Anti dust, anti fouling, UV resistant.

  • Acid resistant, base resistant, mildew resistant.

  • 100% UV reflection, 98% infrared reflection.

  • Anti tearing, surface protection, extend surface lifetime.

  • Noise isolation.

  • Washable with water (jet)

  • Do not contain lead, mercury, or VOC. Absolutely human friendly.

  • Optional: heat exchange with external environment, release the heat trapping.

  • Basic color: white/silver. Customizable color.

  • Simple to apply.

  • Main solvent: acetone

  • Main polymer: acrylic

  • Main nano particles: silicat

  • And additives.


Superior performance